Why SugarSL?
Read and find out!

Here's the deal: we're just like you! SugarSL is run and staffed by people who LOVE to shop in Second Life.


What's more, many of us have tried our hand at selling items, too. We know the talent it takes to be a creator here, and we love you for doing it! We're here to make your job easier, and to make sure you always have the coverage you need to make your event extraordinary. Some people do this by running sims, or creating events. Not us. We're here to create a website platform to let YOU shine, plain and simple.


We also understand the business model of SL, and that lower advertising costs mean more profit for you. We haven't launched our advertising options yet, but we will soon, and when we do it will be with this promise: that we will never cost more than half of what the leading shopping blogs in Second Life charge.


Owner -- Aeron de Vice


Owner -- Mara O'Hanlon


Media Specialist -- Poppy Lemongrass


Blogger -- Cherrie Heartsong


Blogger -- Midnite de Vice Soul