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You might be asking, “What is Cancel Crew?”
The answer is simple: Cancel Crew is a group of club owners, SL creators, dancers and much more who have come together for one goal:


Cancel Crew is holding a two day festival the 7th and 8th of January with all donations going directly to Relay for Life. There are a variety of events and experiences planned. We will be having a 38 hour music festival with entertainment provided by DJs from our participating venues and live performers. In addition to the fantastic music, there will be a Lovense Experience provided by our adult entertainment friends, raffles from a multitude of different creators and many more moving parts – as things progress, we will provide updates on what’s in store!

There will be no tip jars, no venue tips, no revenue generated whatsoever – nothing. Every single bit of everything is going directly into RFL terminals. Many of us have either personally faced cancer head on or had the closest of loved ones go through it. We want to run in kicking and screaming and bash this thing out with a beautiful and love filled event.

You may have received this notecard in tandem with a either a donation request or a question of some sort. This is to give a little insight to the details. All individuals and venues who participate will be added to our sponsor list as well as advertised in Chimayo Publications magazines with a LM click through. Whatever you are willing to donate we will make it happen, be it a voucher for a specific item or a no-copy transferable item.