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Etosha Romantic Dance Paradise

Etosha is a beautiful dance venue with wonderful slow music to dance and dream away with your loved one in a tropical paradise. There are even a few private dance and cuddle spots for you and your partner to spend some special quality time together. TELEPORT

Pillars Of Hercules

For over five years Scottie Menges and Caleb Bruun ran the first Pillars Of Hercules open from 2009-2014. Now after ten months of building, Pillar of Hercules returns in 2022 as a public park open to anyone looking for a romantic and neoclassical fantasy destination where you can learn about Greek and Roman mythology. TELEPORT

Les Salines

Frogmore presents Les Salines: A full region, wild west adventure from Tolla Crisp and Terry Fotherington. Everyone is welcome at Les Salines and Frogmore group members have rezz rights. The town is jam packed with details with visits to the saloon, bank, blacksmith, photo studio, general store, hotel, and much much more! Be sure to… Read More »Les Salines

The Heart of Rosieri

Tucked away in a moment in time is where you’ll find The Heart of Rosieri. Come explore the idyllic French-inspired setting; browse the bookshop, grab a coffee at Toe Beans Cat Cafe, relax, or paint in the gardens. All are loved and welcome. TELEPORT

Highland Retreat

Highland Retreat is an idyllic Scottish island perfect for relaxation. With picturesque landscapes, a cozy cottage, and hidden secrets, it offers a peaceful escape from daily life. Ideal for nature lovers and tranquility seekers. TELEPORT

Eleventh House

Eleventh House is a community friendly public space in Second Life featuring a cozy cafe, DJs, live music, and so much more. They have beautiful scenery, great photo spots, intimate romantic spaces for couples to enjoy, and great casual spaces for friends as well. On occasion, there are exclusive big themed events for Eleventh House… Read More »Eleventh House

Brumby Park Conservatory

Beautiful conservatory containing plants from all across Second Life. Wander through, enjoy the greenery, sit and relax, and have coffee with friends at the outdoor cafe or dinner amongst the greenery. Made in Australia. TELEPORT

El Paraìso

Explore El Paraíso, a Caribbean style island in mainland on the open sea. Discover the hidden caves or visit the restaurant and the Pirate tavern, but be careful of their treasure! TELEPORT

Eternal Retreat

Eternal Retreat is an entire full region experience and provides a nature retreat feel with the influence of the following John Muir quote. “This grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never all dried at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor is ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eternal sunset, eternal… Read More »Eternal Retreat


Enjoy beautiful vistas while exploring this magical paradise. From stunning ocean views to fantasy scenes. Elvion is an ideal place for photographers, bloggers, and couples. TELEPORT