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Hashima Island

Welcome to Hashima Island, a new destination from the Skrunda team. Take your first step onto the island from the rickety old ferry and be transported into the strange world of Hashima, an ex coal mine community, prison, and film set. The people have gone but the feeling of their humanity remains. TELEPORT

Burrow Wood County

This fictional back-road Tennessee town was inspired by the owners’ real-life ventures. Have coffee in the Green Door Cafe, relax by Jordan River, and enjoy the breathtaking views with a few photos. Add your images to their Flickr group: TELEPORT

MEROE Museum – Home of Black culture

MEROE Museum is the Home of Black and Aboriginal cultures in Second Life. The Museum’s purpose is to provide a safe space for the repository of black culture from across the diaspora, and a place for dialog in an effort to resolve many of the conflicts that plague our communities. More info at: TELEPORT

Experience the Ocean

Learn about the Oceans! This is a non-profit region where visitors learn about the oceans of the world and marine life. Visitors can visit the Marine Life Center, Fossil Beach, and Cape St. Francis. Dive down to the undersea lab, or visit the Abyss. There are submarine rezzers, SUPs, surfboards, and kayak rezzers here. Sea… Read More »Experience the Ocean