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A gift from the Fae, is how The Mystic Realms are described. A society built upon the generosity of the fae rulers who held the throne in the Realm of the Fae, each area a bargain or a gift. From the highest tops of the Snowy Peak Mountains, to the lowest depths of the Dire Waters, the fae influence and magic is everywhere, wrapped around every crevice it can latch on to, inescapable, and while majority of it is good, there are some cracks which corruption and wickedness slips through.


The Mystic Realms is an adult 18+ rated roleplay sim in Second Life.

A homebrew Medieval-Renaissance fantasy roleplay sim based around the fae and their influence on the other realms. A sim for players and story tellers, built up by the players and story tellers, the stories told by you, dictate how the lore changes and the world evolves. We hope to provide fantasy lovers with a full magical and thrilling experience.

What do we offer:

  • An extensive lore that covers the history of the realms
  • An indepth and variety filled pantheon
  • 3 beautiful optimized sims with a variety of areas for the roleplayer to explore
  • An easy to use HUD with a custom combat system
  • Freedom of choice on the race you play as long as they fit the sims character creation rules: and sim theme
  • A world that players have the freedom to build up or destroy as they tell their stories