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With Sugar you shop sweeter. Learn about the best events, sales, and experiences in Second Life.




    If you are interested in advertising your Holiday Sale or Advent Calendar, please visit the Sugar Office or contact Belvie Lexington in-world.





  • 80Days – O HOLY NIGHT

    80Days – O HOLY NIGHT

    Winter is drawing near and so does Christmas. Do you remember the anticipation you felt as a child at this time of year? The scent of roasted chestnuts, cinnamon, and baked cookies? The fun you had skating on ice or sneaking around the stalls at the Christmas market? O HOLY NIGHT is the place where… Read More »80Days – O HOLY NIGHT

  • Let it Snow! – Winter is coming!

    Let it Snow! – Winter is coming!

    A snowy, winter setting with lots to see and do including ice-skating, dancing, a lighthouse, a planetarium, a coffee shop, a cave, and more. Everyone is welcome! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! TELEPORT

  • Avalon Dreams – Winter in a Medieval World

    Avalon Dreams – Winter in a Medieval World

    As the wheel turns, autumn leaves lie beneath winter snows, the land dreams. Come walk the trails of Avalon, the mist-wrapped Isle of Apples. Discover sacred groves and springs, dance among the castle ruins, and explore under-hill where the king slumbers still. TELEPORT

  • North Pole – A Beautiful Winter Escape

    North Pole – A Beautiful Winter Escape

    Winter has arrived at the north pole with many hidden places to explore and discover. Take photos in a romantic fantasy wonderland and enjoy the scenery and soundscape. Take a horse ride through the snow, dance, or do some ice skating with your love and family. The winter season will stay until late January when… Read More »North Pole – A Beautiful Winter Escape

  • Where our Journey begins – Snowtide

    Where our Journey begins – Snowtide

    Winter is so calm, serene, and white. As white as purity itself. Let us all welcome this beautiful season with our hearts wide open and a mug of mulled wine. You will find photography opportunities, a Christmas Market, ice skating, horse riding, cozy spots, cuddling areas, events, and much more. Enjoy your stay and add… Read More »Where our Journey begins – Snowtide