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Q. Who do I contact to get coverage for my event or sale with SugarSL?
A. To apply for coverage, please use our Coverage Application. If you have questions about coverage or the status of your application, please contact Belvie Lexington.

Q. Who do I contact about advertising with SugarSL?
A. If you would like to advertise on our website, please use our Advertising Form. If you have questions about our advertising options, please contact Allegra Sawson.

Q. Who do I contact if I find an error with a teleport link or description?
A. While it doesn’t often happen, you might catch the occasional error. If you do, please contact Adalynnlove with details so we can correct this.

Q. What does “+mods” mean in your descriptions?
A. As you know, there are many, many bodies and mods in SL these days. So many that if we listed every body that an outfit was rigged for, it would cause the description bar to cover part of the advertisement and make it hard to shop. So, if you see “+mods,” that means it is likely rigged for a common mod on the market, such as Reborn Juicy Boobs, Rolls, Mounds, Maze Soft Thighs, etc, or it could be for a body like Legacy Perky, Kupra Kups, Legacy Bombshell, etc. We encourage you to look at the advertisement on our site and in person, as well as a demo, before purchasing.

Q. Why do you sometimes leave designer booths out of the gallery?
A. There may be a few reasons that a booth or item is not covered. The most common reason is that the designer was not set up when the event opened. Another common reason is that the vendors were not set for sale or the advertisement for the product was not displayed. We also omit some items that we deem offensive or in poor taste. For questions about our coverage policies, please contact Belvie Lexington.

Q. How do you determine which events get gallery coverage vs. blog coverage?
A. Typically, events that host their own galleries, such as Flickr groups, Facebook albums, or even a gallery on their website, are given blog posts, and we link to their already created gallery. This is done not just for convenience but also to help drive traffic to an event’s social media or website. However, exceptions are made for events that stimulate high traffic on our site.

Events that do not have a gallery hosted anywhere else are given a one-month free trial gallery coverage. After one month, we assess the analytics for the post, and if the traffic is greater than 100 views, we continue to cover the event as a gallery. We are transparent with our analytics and provide them to all advertisers and event owners upon request.

On rare occasions, events submit for coverage just before the event is set to open, and we cannot provide gallery coverage for that round due to short notice.

Q. Are you hiring?
A. We are always accepting applications for bloggers, however we typically only hire twice per year in the Spring and Fall. For questions about possible employment, please contact Belvie Lexington.

For all other questions please contact Belvie Lexington. You can also find answers to some questions in our Discord.