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Be in awe of the Pillars Of Hercules

For over five years Scottie Menges and Caleb Bruun ran the first Pillars Of Hercules open from 2009-2014. Now after ten months of building, Pillar of Hercules returns in 2022 as a public park open to anyone looking for a romantic and neoclassical fantasy destination where you can learn about Greek and Roman mythology. TELEPORT

Winter Wonderland at Lam

Experience a Winter Wonderland on the Lam region, created by Czech and Slovak Residents where you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of Christmas. All are welcome to skate, explore, have some cocoa, and more! The destination is open until January 16th, 2023. TELEPORT

La Vallée – Les Roches Chaudes

Under this ancient volcano in the Arctic, lava is still waiting for a chance to break free. Its warmth can be felt all over the island, but the surroundings are cold and dark. How long will it last? TELEPORT

Snowy Peaks

Welcome to Snowy Peaks, a winter-themed Christmas experience. Ride with Santa on his sleigh to the dining and dancing, or make a stop at Santa’s house. Mingle with his busy elves, or maybe take a spin on the ice skating rink. Finally, come sit by the fire. TELEPORT

The Deep Woods – Brought to you by Spark

“And into the forest, I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” Go on a journey between light and dark, good and evil, reality and fantasy. Explore the Untold Tales of the Faerie brought to you by Spark Project. TELEPORT


Astoria is a Dutch destination with winter vibes. Enjoy the snow, the skating tours, and the snowboards. Make new friends while drinking hot cocoa sitting by the fire or bring old friends to have a great time enjoying the snow. Put on shared environment if you don’t see ice. TELEPORT

DayDream Believer – Keep on believing

Everything starts as somebody’s daydream! Welcome to DayDream Believer, a place between consciousness and semi-consciousness where our minds wander. Currently in a winter setting, enjoy daydreaming at this destination and share your images in their Flickr group: TELEPORT