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Mount Campion Nature Center

The Nature Center at Mt. Campion National Forest is loaded with educational displays and park information. The park now has over two full regions of trails, mountains, forests, and caves. Mt. Campion is the highest mountain in mainland SL! There is lots to explore, perfect for photography and horseback riding. TELEPORT


Visit Mousehole for a fresh look at Spring and enjoy the flock of flamingos that have come to visit. Explore the lowlands and relax at the waterside sleepy village. Walk to the two connected regions, Frogmore and Frogmore Cottage, also open to the public. TELEPORT

Asphodel Meadows

The Asphodel Meadows is where the souls of people who lived mediocre lives remain. Its relationship to other places in the afterlife remains uncertain. Asphodel Meadows is an extensive and creative use of LSL to create a client-side-only adventure. Enjoy the dark beauty, explore the region, and get a backpack if you want to fight… Read More »Asphodel Meadows