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Second Life

The Lunalis-Sponsa Railworx

The Lunalis-Sponsa Railworx Terminal is an ambitious multi-region automated narrow-gauge rail network in Heterocera in Mainland, with access to LDPW SLRR as well as LDPW Route 1. Stops include: Ascension Park, Whiddershins, Rasts Rail, The Moonshine Motel, and The Unity Amphitheatre. TELEPORT


In the heart of the United States, there was a city called Hillvale. It was a mid-century city, built in the 1950s, during the Atomic Age. a mix of Americana and retro-futuristic style, Hillvale was a hub of innovation and creativity, but as time passed, it became a dystopian, cyberpunk metropolis. TELEPORT